Herder for the newborn reindeer calves 

At the turn of April-May, the female reindeers goes to the places where they give birth to their calves. During that period, we are together with the reindeer in the mountains and look after them and their newborn calves, so that they do not become easy prey for predators. We observe them from a distance, but also go for walks to see them.

Here you have to be the herder! 

What can I experience? 

You get the opportunity to see new life come into the world. 

You will see the calves take their first unsteady steps and explore their new world. 

You get to experience the sound and the light from the bonfire in our tentipi (lavo) - in a pleasant atmosphere. 

We make something good to eat for dinner, we enjoy steaming fresh campfire coffee, with something good to go with it. 

You will gain knowledge about how we behave in the calving grounds, and why so.
We share stories from generations of reindeer herding in our area. And we exchange life experiences, knowledge and get to know each other.

How do we live? As a starting point, you sleep in lavvo, either alone or together with us. You choose that yourself. Exceptionally, it is possible to sleep in a herders's hut. Ask us :) 

What do you have to bring? You must have equipment such as a medium-sized rucksack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, skis/snowshoes, mountain shoes, and clothing suitable for cold spring nights and warm spring days 

What do I not have to think about? We got lavvo and reindeer skin.
We keep equipment for cooking on the fire (frying pans and saucepans) plates, cutlery and cups.

What are we going to eat? Dinner is included all days. We need to know about any allergies when ordering.  We can help with a shopping list. We have plates, cutlery and cups.

You must bring your own breakfast, evening meals, drinks and snacks.

We can help with a shopping list.

Am I in good enough shape? 
You don't need to be in great shape to join us on this trip, but you do need to have basic off-piste skiing or snowshoeing skills.
The distance we have to travel to get to the calving grounds varies from 4km to 9km in relatively easy terrain.

How long can I be in the calving country? On this trip, you can choose the number of overnight stays yourself, from 1 to 5 days.

How do I get to the meeting place?
We can pick you up at Bodø Airport, or the nearest railway station in Valnesfjord.

NOK 5,000 per day